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Welcome to Childsplace Learning Centres Ltd! Thank you for choosing us for your child's first introduction to learning.

The philosophy at Childsplace Learning Centres Ltd. is "Children Learn by Doing". A child's play becomes his work, and should be taken just as seriously as an adult's. By providing a safe environment and a rich variety of activities, we can create a rewarding and valuable learning experience for young children that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Through Childsplace, we hope to enhance the learning opportunities of children and parents alike. Our program is based on the following goals:

  1. We will offer child centered open-ended, age appropriate play activities to foster all areas of children's growth: Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Creative.
  2. Plan and implement activities designed to stimulate natural curiosity, exploration and discovery.
  3. To foster positive peer interactions and socially acceptable behaviour at age appropriate levels, and to assist the child in expressing their thoughts and feelings in a manner appropriate to the environment and acceptable to others.
  4. To provide a program that includes and respects children and families of all races, cultures and family backgrounds.
  5. Provide opportunities for children to make choices based on their activities and experiences in a controlled and safe environment.

Throughout the year, we are readily accessible for questions and to help solve claims issues, rather than having clients phone 1-800 numbers. At the annual renewal, we will work with the incumbent insurance company to come forward with a fair benefit plan renewal and pricing. As required and from time to time, we will take your plan to market for competitive quotes, just to make sure your plan is current in all respects.

Please contact us to arrange for an easy, introductory meeting.

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